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We set out to change the online education industry. As a team of professional college educators, we've taken so many beauty courses ourselves that left us knowing we still had so much to learn. That's why we wanted to create a course that is so thoroughly researched and tested before it even gets in your hands. When you implement what you learn in this course you will see results faster, pick up your skills faster, and make money faster. And that’s our promise to you.


“You will LOVE it! The course was so in depth with lots of theory and the videos to use during your model practice we’re so helpful, especially the troubleshooting tips. It’s like an instructor was there with me. The support staff is so positive and supportive. I reached out to the contact when I had questions and they got back to me really quickly. I can’t wait to sign up for more training in other courses. Thank you to the supportive woman from International Beauty Institute for giving me so much confidence!”

Sana G.

“I had an amazing experience with this school’s new online courses. I must say the eyelash extensions course was amazing.The course recommends you work on 10 models for practice and I must say this was the best advice a course could give. This eyelash extensions course was very informative. I love that the course is designed for you to do your models while you watch the practical videos. I think this gives you the best training instead of watching all the videos then doing eyelash extensions from memory. I was also taught how to take images professionally for clients. See for yourself. I would rate them 10/10”


“I recently took advantage of IBI’s online courses and it was such a great experience. I was able to learn from the comfort of my own home. With current circumstances I was able to take advantage of this time and get my eyelash extensions certification. I’ll be using this time to practice my skills so I can be ready when we’re allowed to do services again. I highly recommend IBI and I can’t wait for my next class”

Sarah H.

“I went to IBI school and I took their online course and I had an amazing experience. I loved how organized the school and how professional they are. I graduated from the course and I have my own studio and I am doing eyelash extensions. IBI let me live my dream and I’m doing what I love. I will for sure be taking more courses from them trust me there are schools out there that will take your money and have no structure. IBI is by far the best... thank you!”


“I can’t say enough great things about International Beauty Institute! I did my research before choosing this school and they did not disappoint :))) I've been a makeup artist for nearly 30 years and wanted to generate a larger income by adding lash extensions and I've never looked back since! They have made my goals achievable by teaching you how to charge based on a formula.That really opened my eyes to charging properly. It’s never too late to achieve your dreams and be a real live BOSS LADY!!! The woman I spoke with before made me feel really comfortable and was so great with answering all my questions. I never felt pressured and I really felt like she cared. I’m very excited about adding lash extensions as my clients have been bugging me about lash services. If you’re thinking about it… stop thinking...just do it:)))”

Elizabeth M.

“I took the eyelash extensions online course with International Beauty Institute. The videos were sooooo professional. I’ve taken other online courses in other industries but have never seen one like this. There’s videos, a manual, a price setting workbook, insurance information, a photo taking bonus video, and a word for word script for what to say to new inquiries. They literally thought of everything to help newbies like me. I had no experience in the beauty industry and they made it very easy to learn and start my new business. Thank you International Beauty Institute for being so amazing!”

Brittney D.

“I wanna thank the entire IBI crew and feel blessed that I did my training here. I was a student at the Mississauga location before so I decided to take their online eyelash extensions course. It’s amazing and if you have a question you can email them whenever you want to and they will get back to you as soon as they see your email and solve your query. I still email them and they get back to me always, although I am not a student anymore. Thanks a million IBI. Love this Institute!!! :)”

Anna K.

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  • Is this course 100% online or do I have to come in person?

    This course is 100% online! It was created by our team of college educators and professionals. Backed with over 10 years of teaching eyelash courses and other college diploma programs in aesthetics, you can trust in the quality of the training and support you will receive during and beyond the course.

  • Are you accredited?

    Yes. We are an accredited and award-winning career college. We are registered with both the National Association of Career Colleges and Career Colleges Ontario. Getting certified with us means you receive a higher standard certificate. This means your certificate will be internationally recognized, approved by your state or municipality when registering your business, and save you money on insurance as we are an institution that those parties trust. Some aspiring lash artists who hold a certificate from an independent trainer or lash company may be declined by their state or municipality, or be declined coverage by insurance companies, or have to pay more for their insurance.

  • How long does the course take to complete?

    This course is learn-at-your-own-pace. The course is broken up into theory chapters and practical hands-on chapters with demos, clear instruction, and troubleshooting for if you get stuck. The video theory and practical lessons is a total of 190 minutes, but the course is broken up into short, information-rich, and concise videos. You will work on a mannequin head and a live model. Working on your model will take approximately 2-3 hours including set up and clean up. Realistically once you receive your kit, you could complete the course in 3-4 days, but you can take as long as you like to complete it and repeat the practice sessions as many times as you like to be fully confident. There is no expiry to the material.

  • Is there ongoing support?

    Absolutely! You will be given a support contact which will give you direct communication with trained instructors and real lash professionals. Whether you need help during the course or after our hyper-friendly support staff is here for you every step of the way!

  • Does the course come with a kit?

    There are 2 options to choose from! Course Only (no kit) and Course + Kit (enough to service 70 clients). Each is a different price, so you can pick the option that suits your needs! We do offer the kit to you for 50% off retail, so in our opinion, it's definitely worth it to get a kit!

  • How do I practice eyelash extensions before working on a model?

    You will receive practice supplies in your kit including a mannequin head and practice lashes. Instructional videos will guide you through exactly what to do and how to know if you're doing everything correctly. And what to do if you mess up! You'll be instructed how to analyze your work to know if you're ready to work on a live model, or if you need to practice more.

  • How long is it going to take to get my kit?

    Your kit will be shipped next business day and depending on your location you will receive it in 2-5 business days after that. More questions about shipping and tracking are answered below!

  • How does it work for models?

    You will watch the theory lessons first, then you will be given instructions for booking your model. You will follow along with the Model Day Lessons during your live model practice! It's like having an instructor beside you telling you what to do!

  • What if I'm doing the treatment at home? Don't I need equipment?

    There is an Equipment lesson in the course, but at the very minimum if you don't have a professional massage bed, you can still practice on someone you know even from the couch! Just make sure you follow the Hygiene and Safety Lesson, and lay down a clean protective covering on the bed you choose to use.

  • How do I become certified?

    In the course, you will be given instructions on how to submit your model images for review! All you need to do is upload a photo right inside the course. An expert IBI instructor will review your submission next business day. You only have to submit one successful model to become certified.

  • How many models do I have to perform to get my certificate?

    You just have to submit one successful model to become certified.

  • Who do I submit my work to?

    In the course, you will be given instructions on how to submit your model images for review! All you need to do is upload your before and after photo right inside the course player. An expert instructor at IBI will review your submission next business day. You only have to submit one successful model to become certified.

  • Once I submit, how do I know if I passed?

    Once you submit your work, an expert IBI instructor will review your submission next business day. If your work meets our standard you will be notified via email if you passed, or not.

  • What happens if I fail?

    Don't worry! You can submit again as soon as you like. You will be notified via email if you didn't pass and you will just have to do another model and submit the new before and after!

  • Once I pass, how do I get my certificate?

    Your certificate will be unlocked right in your course player and you can download your certificate from International Beauty Institute.

  • What if I get stuck on a lesson? Who do I contact?

    In the course you will be given an email you can contact! Our hyper-friendly support staff is available to answer your questions Monday to Friday 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time.

  • How long do I get access to the videos?

    For life! They’ll always be there for you if you want to go back and watch again.

  • What happens if my model has an allergic reaction?

    You’ll be provided with an “Allergic Reaction Checklist” in the course. We recommend to also check with your city's health department for what they recommend in the rare case of an allergic reaction. If their steps differ from our recommendations, follow your city's health department’s guidance.

  • What does an allergic reaction look like?

    Your model/client might complain of itching or burning eyes. Look for redness or bumps near their eyes. Even if there are no redness or bumps, if the client’s eyes itch or burn continuously, stop the treatment and follow the “Allergic Reactions Checklist”

  • How long will it take to receive my kit?

    Your kit will be shipped next business day. Once shipped you can expect your kit to arrive in 2-6 business days Canada (via Canada Post) USA (Canada Post and USPS)

  • Will I get a tracking number?

    Yes. You will receive your tracking number via email from our lash supplier: Lashcat.

  • What company will my package be shipped with?

    Canada (via Canada Post) USA (Canada Post and USPS)

  • What if I don't receive a tracking number/my kit is damaged or missing/there is an issue with my shipment?

    Email one of our friendly staff at support@intlbeautyinstitute.com

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